TECH WEST – Large Facility Lubricated Compressor

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The Tech West Ultra Clean Large Facility Air Compressor leads the industry in design, quality and performance, delivering guaranteed clean, oil-free air to the larger dental facility.

Incorporating an energy efficient motor, fully enclosed OSHA approved fan guards, magnetic motor starters with overload protection and discharge air coalescing filters with the regulator, the large facility air compressor also comes standard with a refrigerant air dryer.

Our large facility dental compressor is an excellent choice for the Dental Schools, Military Clinics or Large Dental Facilities.

All compressors come wired for 24V remote switching ready for installation. In addition to a full two-year warranty, Tech West will provide plumbing, electrical and installation assistance as needed.


  • Dryer bypass valves.
  • Finned cylinder and cylinder heads.
  • Drive pulleys.
  • Specially designed flywheel supplies high volume airflow.
  • All compressors are wired for low voltage.
  • Crankcase lubrication level indicator.
  • All compressor tanks are epoxy coated on the inside to meet ASME standards.


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